About penny

My books are the result of that life experience with Spirit’s guidance.

As an author my books were written with the desire to help readers have the resources to live life in a Shamanic way; A Shamanic Way: Rituals, Rattles, and Recipes for Awakening Your Inner Spirit. By providing background and guidance in tools and ceremony, the directions, meditation and breathing, Penelope brings the reader a primer for living in a Shamanic way. It is not an anthropological treatise on Shamanism but a handbook of guidance.

no spot god is not

Penelope and Phillis have teamed up and created an adorable A through Z book.


This whimsical and educational book features nontraditional questions and answers and is sure to educate and entertain young children of all ages. 

A unique way to learn the alphabet!

no spot god is not

Mommy, is God in candy? The “No Spot God is Not” children’s book answers those interesting question only a child can ask!!