Stephanie Solomon

Stephanie Solomon, Children's Author, Know Your Worth

KPB: When did you decide to become a writer? 
SS: I always loved to write. It was my late teen years that I started sketching and doodling ideas.

KPB: What brought you to write this book?
SS: I had a “bucket list” goal to publish a children’s book and    

then restructured that goal to have two books in two years published. I met all the right people along my journey and really wanted to leave the world better than I found it. In doing so I decided to donate a portion of the proceeds of each book to different non-profits and organizations for children with cancer and breast cancer research and education. My books also feature my pet tortoise Penelope Joy and I use her as an “easter egg” to hide throughout my books as well.     

KPB: What interesting facts did you learn when writing your last book?
SS: Hard cover is really expensive! I love the way it looks but realistically my motto is, “purpose over profit.” I ended up publishing soft cover copies to be sold online but did a small order of hard cover for my launch and made them “limited edition signed copies.”

KPB: What are you trying to achieve with it?
SS: To inspire others to know their worth and utilize their imagination. My vision is to be a page out of someone else’s survival guide and motivate them to dream big! Time can’t be reimbursed and I want everyone to LIVE life not just exist.

KPB: What got left out in the final draft?
SS: A collage photo page of myself and tortoise. I ended up collaging it a different way and using QR codes instead. That ended up being the back cover too.

KPB: Where do your ideas come from?
SS: My personal life and people in it. My first book I wrote after getting divorced and discovering my own worth. My second book I wrote with all the feedback from the “little loves” in my life who wanted more characters and color. I wanted to put everything imaginable in book 2. I ended up with over 105+ characters and making the cover very eccentric. I have always believed in the meaning of collateral beauty; the beauty that lies within. It is the hidden beauty in anything dark that is happening as it cannot be seen directly. This means that no matter how tough or dark the time is, there is always something beautiful happening right there for you. I wanted to apply that in all my books. #knowyourworth was written with love, Delicious Dreams was written with magic & Aloha ‘Oe was written with hope. All representing the collateral beauty; “love, time and death.”

KPB: What’s next for you? What are you working on now?
SS: Book three’s is titled, “Aloha ‘Oe.” I wrote it for a dear friend whose daughter experienced sibling loss. She was so excited about becoming a big sister and her mother ended up having a still born. I wanted to bring her comfort and help their family through this time as well as changing the stigma around infant loss. This books proceeds will also go towards a non-profit that her mother Ashley and I are in the process of getting our 501-c3 approved. Our goal is to deliver comfort boxes to local hospitals whose families are going through this unimaginable time. Aloha ‘Oe will also be included in those boxes.

KPB: Do you have any advice for authors on how to market their books?
SS: Having a launch party and talking about your book before it’s published. Build up the hype and utilize social media and Facebook groups as much as you can. Also finding a publisher who has a good marketing package.

KPB: What do you do to get book reviews?
SS: I ask people organically. I want genuine feedback and constructive criticism. For book two so many people said they loved the hardcover copy better, and they wish they could purchase more of that one. Whenever anyone gives me a compliment after purchasing my book, I tell them it would mean a lot if they could leave that in a review for me on Amazon.

KPB: Which authors inspire you?
SS: Emily Winfield Martin. I absolutely loved her book, “The wonderful things you will be.” I also am a big fan of Bronwen Ballard. She wrote, “Your mind is like the sky.” They are both such amazing authors who inspire me to motivate children to stay positive and to let your dreams be your wings.

KPB: How can readers discover more about you and your work?
SS: On my website: or my flowpage of all my endeavors:

KPB: Any last thoughts for our Kid’s Paperback Book readers?
SS: Life is now. Live everyday like it’s your BIRTHDAY! I believe in you!

Thank you Stephanie for taking the time to share your thoughts! Her Books can be found on Amazon.

xoxo KPB