Amoris Walker


Amoris Walker is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who grew up in a family band and has had a few exciting careers including traveling the world to document non-profits she loves, working in the radio industry in Portland and Seattle, the founder and director of Hot Tea Media (a digital and social media marketing firm), and most recently children’s book author.

She has been writing for as long as she can remember and has always dreamed of publishing. After self-publishing a few poetry books she realized it was time to pursue her children’s book. The rhyming book, released March 1st, 2022, is called “You & Me in the Trees” and has a focus on being outside, respecting and protecting animals and our habitats, and spending time with the people you love.

Amoris currently lives in Oregon with her husband and daughter Kahlia. She wears many hats as a social media consultant, video producer, and public speaker. She enjoys spending time with her family most, especially kayaking, hiking & camping, playing with her daughter, and dreaming up her next book.

You and Me in the Trees is a delightful storybook for the young and young at heart. Amoris Walker’s words remind us to protect Mother Earth and all her magnificent creatures.

What people are saying about You & Me in the Trees:

At Forest School with the preschoolers, we love finding ways to connect with the Earth. We notice the little things, like tiny flowers on a sunny day in the middle of winter. And we notice the big things, like the great blue heron flying nearby. This book is a delightful representation of respecting, enjoying and sharing our world with others. Charming rhymes with inclusive and striking illustrations make for a very fun read! –Emily Weber, Fern, and Feather Forest SchoolThis book reminds us of how vital nature is to the development of our children and the time we spend there with them! I love that it is an all-inclusive book for all types of families. Beautifully illustrated, the story shares how exploring nature brings such a different experience than our normal city or suburb lives. As a child, I never wanted to camp, never wanted to hike or drive through and look at the amazing mountains. However, my mother Merrilyn made us all go at least twice a month to enjoy nature. These are the fondest and most prevalent memories of my childhood. My happiness depends on time in nature. This book has inspired me to travel to Yellowstone to feed my soul. I think it does for all human beings! –Kim M. 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

I Love Your Book…it actually brought tears to my eyes, reminding me why I love being out “in the trees.” I grew up camping every 4th of July close to Lake Almanor in Northern California. And have continued this throughout my adult life. Your story and accompanying pictures touch my heart, bringing back wonderful memories and reinforcing why it is so important to protect Mother Earth, for all living creatures. Thank you. –Shirley Shaw, Marathon runner/mom

My favorite children’s book yet! The author touches so beautifully on my love for the outdoors, nature and animals. I believe this book will change the world for so many kids. It helps foster in children from the beginning a love of nature and how to focus on the simple things in life! I wish I had it on my bookshelf when I was little. Highly recommend! –Brooke S. 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

I don’t have kids but I found myself reading this with a big smile on my face. My beautiful friend did an amazing job. My book is going to a family member and I am sure he will enjoy it for years to come. Beautiful story and gorgeous pictures. –Anonymous Amazon Review 5 out of 5 stars

In a time when our youth are so drawn to the fluorescent lights on our small screens, Amoris’ book “You & Me In the Trees” invites us and our young ones into the open and wild beauty of Mother Nature, teaching us how to breathe, be free, and honor the life that truly sustains us. This is a beautiful and vital story and message to cuddle up with your little ones! -Avasa Love, Musician/Mentor

Your book is fabulous. I want to read it again and again and look at the amazing illustrations. I will show it off to my friends but it is not leaving the house! Made my day. –B. Goodspeed, Educator/Mom

We’ve been reading this book weekly as a family and I tear up every time. Not only because the words and pictures are beautiful, but because this book embodies who Amoris is as a person. –Cara Sizemore, Mother of 3

A beautiful and remarkable book you have created here. I think the illustrations match your narrative. We can always create in our hearts what comes to the page. –Ann Staley, Writer/Poet/Mentor/Educator

It is the type of story that can be reread so many times. The storyline is soothing and meaningful. It calls the reader to enjoy and at the same time think of nature as belonging to them. This earth is your birthright to care for and love. A story for all ages. -Dee Wallace, Educator

In awe. One of the absolute most moving, beautifully illustrated, poetic, and thoughtful books. Also, the inclusivity is so lovely. Thanks for this. The kids are going to adore it. –Brittney West, Artist/Founder of Plant Posse

To purchase click the link here: You & Me In the Trees. Let us know what you think of the book!

xoxo, KPB